Halal Hotels in Thailand for Muslims Tourists to Stay in

Thailand—officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand is a beautiful country that is filled with Buddhist temples, wildlife, and beautiful islands. Thailand has a peerless culture including its delicious Thai food and Thai massage. Currently, Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Festival is going on in Thailand that started on Jun 15, 2016 and will last till Aug 15th, 2016. Muslim tourists will be able to find Muslim-friendly hotels in Thailand since Islam (practised by 4% people) is the second major religion in Thailand after Theravada Buddhism (practised by 95% people).

Luxury hotels (5 star hotels in Thailand or top hotels in Thailand), resorts (an ideal option for a luxury honeymoon in Thailand), business-classified hotels, boutique hotels, and budget-friendly hotels (cheap hotels in Thailand) are the different types of hotel accommodation options for tourists who travel to Thailand. Travellers looking for cheap places to stay in Thailand have an option to stay in a guesthouse alongside a cheap hotel.

Muslim tourists will be able to find a halal-friendly hotel in Bangkok (Thailand’s capital), Chiang Mai (a beautiful city in Thailand), Phuket (an island in Thailand), and Krabi (a top tourist destination in Thailand). Muslim tourists will find an Islamic hotel in Bangkok (Muslim hotel in Bangkok) in the heart of Bangkok and in Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. Generally, hotels in Thailand cost from $25 (for budget-friendly tourists) to $100 (for affluent travellers) per day on average.

Muslim tourists should generally expect following halal-friendly facilities in halal Thai hotels:

  • Hotel has a halal-certified restaurant and serves halal food to Muslim guests
  • Hotel has a prayer room and has Qibla direction marked in rooms of Muslim guests
  • Maintains Muslim-friendly environment

The Al Meroz Hotel Bangkok (one of the best hotels in Thailand for Muslims), New World City Hotel Bangkok, Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 Hotel, and Grand Diamond Suites Hotel are good halal hotels for Muslims travelling to Bangkok. Bangtao Beach Chalet (a resort in Phuket), Shangri-La Hotel in Chiang Mai, and numerous Muslim-owned hotels of Krabi are also recommended to Muslim tourists for a halal-friendly stay in Thailand.

Restaurants in Thailand for Halal Food

Muslim tourists will find a great deal of halal food in Thailand in the Central, Northern, and Sothern region of the Kingdom of Thailand. Sophia Restaurant (well-known in Thailand for halal Thai food), Yana Restaurant (serves Thai and international halal food), and Al-Hussain Restaurant (serves tasty middle-eastern cuisine) are recommended to Muslims visiting Bangkok. Islam Khao Soi (a popular choice for eating Khao Soi) and Ruammit 1 (a 40-year old Thai halal restaurant) are very good restaurants for eating halal food in Chiang Mai.

Ban Saeng Duean Restaurant (serves Thai cuisine and fresh seafood) and Kusuma Seafood Restaurant (a popular restaurant) of Phuket are also recommended to tourists who want to eat delicious halal food in Thailand. Ruen Preutsa (serves excellent halal Thai food besides seafood and western food) and White Orchid (a hotels’ restaurant) in Krabi are also recommended to Muslim tourists.

Mosques in Thailand

There are hundreds of Mosques in Thailand since Muslims reside in different areas of Thailand. The most beautiful Mosque of Thailand is Pattani Central Mosque that preserves an architecture resembling the “The Taj Mahal of India”. Another religious attractions for Muslim tourists in Pattani is an ancient Mosque, Krue Se Mosque (built in Middle-Eastern style). Yala Central Mosque (built in western style) in Phuket, Mambang Mosque (built in Modern Islamic architecture style) in Satun (a quite province in the far South of Thailand), and Taloh-Manoh Mosque (dubbed by locals to be 2 or 3 centuries old) in Narathiwat (a Thai province) are other important Mosques that may attract Muslim tourists in Thailand.

Nearest Airports and Hotels near Airports

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is the major airport in Thailand for international tourists and serves as a doorway to various destinations in Thailand. Small international airports within Thailand are in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai (a populous city), and Koh Samui (a leading island destination). Passengers arriving at the airport can rent an Airport Limousine (from the airport), hire a public taxi (from the Passenger Terminal on 1st Floor’s gates 4 and 7), and take a Shuttle Bus (a 24 hours service provided by the airport), a public van (from the platform of Arrival Terminal 1st Floor’s gates 1 and 8), or a BorKhorSor bus (by buying its ticket from airport’s Passenger Terminal or Public Transport Centre) to reach a particular area of the capital city of Thailand.

Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel (a 4-star hotel) and Louis’ Tavern Transit Hotel are the two hotels in Bangkok Thailand that are located very close to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Places to Visit in Thailand

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, Krabi, and Pattaya are the places that attract tourists from around the world to Thailand. The Grand Palace, The City Pillar Shrine, and King Prajadhipok Museum are the attractions that primarily attract tourists in Bangkok. Chiang Mai mainly attract tourists for its temples, especially Wat Phra Sing, Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara, and Wat Phan Tao. Other important attractions in Chinag Mai are: Chiang Mai Zoo (for a family-friendly fun), Chiang Mai Walking Street (for shopping), and Chiang Mai National Museum.

Phuket (the largest island in Thailand) is known for its beaches and beautiful attractions. Laem Phromthep (photographers’ favourite destination for capturing sunset), Hat Karon (a 4km long beach), and Thai Village and Orchid Farm (a cultural tourist attraction) are major tourist spots in Phuket. Khao Khanap Nam (two 100 metre tall mountains), Noppharat Thara beach (a famous beach), and Ao Nang (a tourist central spot) in Krabi attract tourists from around the world. Muslims will easily find a halal hotel in Krabi since Krabi is a very Muslim-friendly area.

Phuket, Krabi, and Chiang Mai are recommended destinations in Thailand for a Muslim-friendly honeymoon; therefore, Muslims should be able to find best hotels in Thailand for honeymoon there. Moreover, Muslim travellers will be able to find some of the best beach resorts in Thailand and hotels in Thailand on the beachfront for spending their unforgettable moments.

Koh Samui (featuring beautiful beaches and targets budget-friendly travellers) and Pattaya (a beach-resort destination) in Thailand also attract foreign tourists to Thailand. Naturally beautiful Phi Phi Islands on the sailing route of Krabi-Phuket and Koh Tapu or James Bond Island (a beautiful island that was used as a location for James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun) are also popular places in Thailand. Ban Thon (a traditional Thai-Muslim village) may also attract Muslim tourists in Thailand.

Shopping at Pratunam Market (the largest wholesale market) in Bangkok, scuba diving (for tourists who love swimming) in Phuket, and capturing the beautiful surround views in Thailand through high-resolution cameras are a few things that tourists must do in Thailand.

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