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Saudi Arabia is an incredible country, packed with lots of beautiful natural and archaeological sites and hugely contrasting landscapes. Saudi Arabia is one of the two countries named for their royal families, along with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Islam, home to the religion’s most sacred mosque: Masjid al-Haram in Mecca – the destination of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, and Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina – burial site of the prophet Muhammad.

Mecca or Makkah (Makkah al-Mukarramah) is located in western Saudi Arabia, is the holiest city in Islam. Hence, it is strictly forbidden for Non-Muslims to enter the city. Medina or Madinah (Madinah al-Munawwarah) is the capital of the Al-Madinah Region in Saudi Arabia. Medina is home to three prominent mosques, namely as al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Quba Mosque, Masjid al-Qiblatayn (the mosque of the two Qiblas’). Muslim visitors can make a pilgrimage to Mecca. During the month of Dhu al-Hijjah in Hajj, Mecca receives more than three million pilgrims a year. Meanwhile, during the annual holy month of Ramadhan, more than two million visitors travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and Mecca receive approximately four million visitors over the remainder of the year.

Saudi Arabia is home to breath-taking natural wonders; varied topography, verdant forests, hayfields, mountain ranges, and deserts are the remarkable attributes of the country. Visit Saudi Arabia and immerse yourself in everything this destination has to offer. A wide range of recommended Saudi Arabia tour packages and cover top tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia awaits you. Discover Medain Salleh, one of the true wonders of the world, and an archaeological sites date from the Nabatean kingdom. Other than that, you can explore Taif and look around it to see pink palaces in between the stunning cliff tops. Marvel at the ragged, coral-coloured Ottoman buildings of the ancient city of Jeddah, and you can also go shopping in the traditional souks, large department stores, and shopping complexes. In Saudi Arabia, malls are not just a shopping destination but popular socializing and dining spot as well. There are hundreds of malls in the area, but you should not miss Riyadh Gallery. The three-storey shopping centre is large and offer a wide range of foreign brands, ranging from luxury goods to high-street. This shopping centre even has its own mosque and an artificial lake.

Saudi men are easy to recognize as they wear a thawb (sometimes spelt thobe or thaub), the traditional white dress. The word thawb is the standard Arabic word for 'a garment'. They often cover their heads with the ghutrah, which can be of various colours but the most widely used appears to be red and white. Meanwhile, for Saudis women, they wear an outer cloak called an abaya, and a scarf called Shayla. Saudi women often cover their bodies, sometimes they only leave face and wrist exposed, and some women only leave eyes and wrists. The official language in Saudi Arabia is Arabic. If you travel to Saudi Arabia, English can often be a challenge as most of the people don't speak it, but you can always find someone who does.

In Saudi Arabian cuisine, some popular food items include wheat, rice, lamb, chicken, yoghurt, potatoes, seafood, and dates. Kabsa, considered the national dish of Saudi Arabia, is a mixed rice dish made with meat and vegetables. Many traditional, regional dishes use similar to lamb, yoghurt, rice, and potato as their ingredients. Another local foods and dishes that you can try including Jalamah, Saleeg, Martabak, Ma'amoul, Tharid, Hininy, Gursan, Harees, Shawarma just to name a few. Local food is also extremely spicy and flavoured. Lamb and chicken are the most common meats, meanwhile beef is rare, and pork is forbidden under Islamic law. The country is officially a Muslim nation; hence halal food is not a pressing issue for Muslim traveller as it's easy to find halal restaurants.

The Saudi Riyal (SAR) is the official currency of Saudi Arabia. Euros, United States dollars, British Pound and other Asian currencies are widely accepted within the country. ATMs are available practically everywhere and most modern cafés, restaurants and hotels accept credit cards. But always carry some extra cash, as cards are not accepted by some local restaurants.

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