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How To Detect Unlicensed Umrah & Travel Agency

1. Only Engage With Licensed Travel Agencies

Ensure the companies that are offering tour packages/ Umrah packages are from licensed travel agencies under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC).

Example of license number

  • KKKPPL0231/
  • KPL/LN 4256
  • KPL/LN 7017

Tripfez's license number is KPK/LN: 7142

Licensed travel agents have a registered license number, official government stickers, and a licensed certificate from the ministry.  

What You Should Note Before Choosing A Package

  • Return flight ticket
  • Visa
  • Type and location of accommodation
  • Meals (if any)
  • Itineraries
  • Insurance/ travel takaful
  • Travel documents and such

2. Ensure The Company Is Legitimate And Still Active 

Check the current status of the company by visiting MOTAC’s website or call MOTAC’s offices all over Malaysia. 

MyMOTAC app will show you a list of travel agents who are registered with the Ministry and you can also see the ratings for hotels as well. Get the app at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

3. Package Information

Be specific when you are enquiring about the holiday or umrah package. Thoroughly examine all the information inside the package that is being offered. 

Insurance And Travel Takaful 
We would advise you to purchase travel insurance/ travel takaful when you are travelling. It is COMPULSORY for companies to protect their clients who are going for Umrah with Takaful Umrah. Be sure that the takaful provided is sufficient enough for you. 

4. Terms And Conditions

Thoroughly understand the terms and conditions for the holiday package/Umrah package.

It Is Important To Understand

  • The responsibilities of the travel agency
  • Your rights as a traveller and Umrah pilgrim
  • Cancellation and compensation terms if there were any cancellation from the company or from the traveller/pilgrims

Before finalising or signing any travel documents, make sure to read and understand all that is related to your desired package. Also, be aware of cancellation penalties that would incur if any cancellation were to occur. 

Tripfez's terms and conditions

5. Confirm Your Travel Agreements Inside The Travel Agent’s Office

Conclude your travel agreements inside the travel agency's office. This will provide extra confidence for you, and also give increased credibility to the company. 

Many travel scams occur when people do their dealings with third parties for their travel plans and not going straight to the travel agency.  

Confirm that the individual who is handling your travel arrangements/ Umrah is indeed from a licensed travel agency. 

Visit Tripfez

6. Types Of Payments and Receipts 

  • Payment can be done via cash or online transaction.
  • It is compulsory for the travel agency to issue a receipt upon payment which includes details of the package as well as the traveller's particulars. 
  • Your online transaction must be paid to the travel agency, and NOT to a third party company.
  • Keep the payment receipt from the travel agency for future reference.

7. Always Be Up To Date With Your Latest Travel Plans

Always keep in touch with your travel agent to keep yourself up to date on the preparation that is being done including your flight ticket, accommodation, insurance/ travel takaful and visa (if required).

Source: MOTAC