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The 'Golden Land'

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a country of over 100 ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. There are plenty of nice places to visit in Myanmar but most tourists explore Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is the largest city in the region and is home to bustling markets, numerous parks and lakes, and the majestic, golden Shwedagon Pagoda, containing Buddhist relics and dating back to the 6th century. Myanmar, well-known for its effectiveness of Thanaka used by its own people, a traditional way towards flawless skin. This unique Myanmar yet to be discovered by many has its own identity and culture that will shock the tourist!

November to February is the most popular time to visit Myanmar. Let’s book your tour package to Myanmar from November to February as the cool breeze will fly you away to this country, hence it is neither too hot nor too cold to walk around this trip. However, do not forget to bring enough water to avoid dehydrated skin while you are here. The temperatures continue to rise gradually from March until the rainy season begins in May or June.

The kyat (pronounced ch-yat) is the currency of Myanmar. It is often abbreviated as "K" or "Ks". There are many ATMs in big cities, however, you are encouraged to carry cash while visiting smaller areas as ATMs is not reliable in this area due to power shortages. Moreover, there’s a transaction fee of USD 3-5 per ATM withdrawal on international cards. Hence, make sure to alert your bank provider in advance so your card won't be blocked while you're trying to withdraw cash in Myanmar.

A trip to Yangon, for example will show that Myanmar is one of the cultural jewels of Southeast Asia. Explore the Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Museum, opened by the biggest Thanakha Company in Myanmar, consists Thanaka garden, Thanaka gallery, petrified wood gallery, and souvenir shop. Thanakha is a Myanmar traditional cosmetic which has been used since the Pyu Period. On the way, observe Burmese Candy workshop a local village where you could meet skilful toddy – palm climbers and taste their palm sugar candy. Observe the National Museum of Myanmar which is a treasure chest of priceless stone inscriptions, documents, carvings, paintings and a host of other artefacts that testify to the ancient culture and civilization of the Myanmar people. Visit the tomb of the last Mughal emperor (the mausoleum of the King Bahadur Shah Zafar), who ruled India in the 19th century and was exiled to Yangon by British colonial rulers. Visit Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque, which is one of many mosques established in Yangon, built during the colonial era. Enjoy the local sunset cruise for greatest serenity of Old Yangon in the final hours of its sun while savouring the fresh evening breeze that comes through the Yangon River.

Finding halal food can be challenging for Muslim travellers, but fret not, in Myanmar you can easily find halal food nearby any mosque as the surrounding areas are home to an array of halal food options. Such halal eateries are either restaurants of small or medium scale or food stalls. Myanmar's Halal restaurants and food stalls do not have the standard Arabic Halal symbol. Instead, the "786" numbers are shown on a sign symbolizing "In Allah's Name" or "In God's Name." Look out for that sign while you are looking for Halal eateries! Myanmar travel offer travellers authentic experiences, once in a lifetime opportunity and the chance to explore the wonderful journey of Myanmar, from Yangon to Bagan and Mandalay, a trip that you won’t forget in your life. Trace the lost history through this journey and have a splendid trip in Myanmar Tour Packages and Holidays!

Book your next trip to Myanmar with Tripfez. Find all-in tour packages with flights or ground arrangement packages. Travel with family or friends on your next holiday and also enjoy amazing halal food. So book your tour package online now!
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