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Tripfez MATTA Fair 2019 Promo on RTM's Selamat Pagi Malaysia - September 2019

MATTA Fair 2019 di Berita Al-Hijrah - September 2019

Al-Hijrah Ramadhan CSR with Tripfez - June 2019

Al-Hijrah Assalamualaikum Biz - 16 May 2019

Tripfez di Berita Al-Hijrah - March 2019

Navigating The Muslim Travel Market (CNBC)


International News

"Tripfez offers Muslim-friendly tour packages, advice about Halal food options, and whether the Quran is available." - Forbes

"The Malaysian firm Tripfez is a little like TripAdvisor - except it is focussing on serving global Muslim travellers." - BBC

"Faeez Fadhillah, CEO of Tripfez, talks about the potential of the growing Muslim travel market." - CNBC

"Navigating the growing Muslim travel market" - CNBC

"Holidayme merges with Tripfez to tap into the fast-growing Muslim travelling market" - KrAsia

"Muslim-Focused Online Travel Startup Tripfez Lands USD750k Funding" - Digital News Asia

"Holidayme Merges with Tripfez to Form One of the World’s Largest Muslim-Friendly OTAs" - Digital News Asia

Local News Outlet

"Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF) has announced investments in the first batch of companies" - The Star

"Tripfez Travel ... is recognised as a lead player within the Muslim travel segment" - Star2

"However, what sets the travel website apart from the rest is that it incorporates the Salam Standard tool — allowing users to also rate and review their experience — launched by the same outfit that brought us Tripfez." - New Straits Time

"Tripfez rintis carian hotel halal seluruh dunia" - Berita Harian

"Panduan kembara muslim" - Harian Metro

"10 Malaysians named in Forbes’ list of youths to watch" - Malaysiakini

"10 anak muda M'sia dalam senarai diperhatikan Forbes" - Malaysiakini