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If you are visiting Taiwan, you must start your journey at Taipei first because it is the capital city of Taiwan. There will be hundreds of choices of foods for the Muslim in Taipei that will fill up your tummy in your journey here.




Start your exploration at Taipei 101 that imitated gigantic bamboo stalk that has 106 floors. It has a food court, outdoor deck, shopping, dining etc. While the National Palace Museum has a permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artefacts and artworks that include painting, statuary, bronzes, lacquer-ware, ceramics, jade and religious objects.

Shilin Night Market located at Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan is the most famous and largest night market in Taiwan. Do not forget to drop by at Nantou to visit the farm with fruit picking activities that included a certain amount of fruit for a per person, a moment you will never forget. Other than that, Huashan 1914 Creative Park that located at Zhongzheng District, offers varieties of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops etc. Finally, Museum of World Religions is a museum that dedicated to the world's religious holy sites such as Islam's Dome of the Rock, Sikhism's Golden Temple and Christianity's Chartres Cathedral.




It is easier to find Taipei halal food for the Muslim as the needs and demand from the Muslim hub in tourism.

1. Bubble Tea / Pearl Milk Tea

The original bubble tea was simply just black tea mixed with milk and tapioca balls, but since it became popular, it has sprouted new variations which include fruit-flavoured juice (such as passion fruit, strawberry, mango, lychee, etc) and ice blended base.

2. Taiwanese Fried Chicken

The Fried Chicken you can find in the night markets usually consists of bite-sized chicken coated in potato starch with salt, pepper, garlic and basil leaves. You can then add some chilli into it as you like.

3. Beef Noodle Soup

This soup made of beef chunks that are tender and the soup broth is made from tomatoes and dark soy sauce, so it tasted slightly sweet.

4. Scallion (Radish) Pancake

Their toppings you could add onto your pancakes such as egg, cheese, and ham and eaten especially during cold winter!

5. Authentic Taiwanese Breakfast

The traditional Taiwanese breakfast consists of loads of carbs, eggs, and soy milk. Dip your youtiao (dough fritters) into a warm bowl of soy milk and a slice or two omelette pancakes.

6. Taiwanese Spicy Hot Pot

A variety of raw ingredients such as meat, vegetable, tofu, dumplings, and seafood that is often eaten with a DIY dipping sauce, which you can make your sauce by combining different sauces with or without additional egg yolk.


If you are planning to visit Taipei, it is recommended to visit in November due to it is the driest month of the year and to avoid the typhoon that will harm the tourist. Book your ticket and plan wisely so you won't be missed to create a great moment here! Let’s take your mind body and soul to Taipei Tour Packages and Holidays now or never!

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