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Why Tripfez

We love travelling as much as you do and we want to help all Muslims to be able to travel around the world with ease.

In addition to making Muslim travel ridiculously easy, here are 6 reasons why you should travel with Tripfez and how you can travel with peace of mind.

1. We are the Muslim travel experts!

As fellow Muslim travellers ourselves, we want to help those who are struggling to find awesome places to visit while having good halal meals in their bellies at the same time! Our expertly created itineraries will cater to your Islamic needs throughout your exploration in this vast, and beautiful world.

2. We provide Halal-friendly meals

In a foreign land, it can be a daunting task to find meals that are permissible for you to eat.. So as a Muslim travel expert, we will ensure that all the meals that you eat are Halal throughout your time exploring the world.

3. There are no hidden costs

Don't get ripped off. We believe your dream destination does not have to be costly. So in addition to offering you the best prices possible, we also do NOT have hidden charges in any of our packages. What you see is what you get. All taxes, fees, tipping etc are included in the price.

4. For Group tours, we offer free insurance and Visa

We provide free insurance and Visa for those who wish to travel with our group tour packages. We will handle the necessities to make travelling arrangements as smooth as possible for you.

5. We offer many types of tours, Group tours or personalised Ground Arrangement packages

Finding the right package for you is important. So we have created all our packages to be flexible so that it suits to your needs. Get a guided group tour with a maximum number of 30 people per group, or create your own experience with your own itineraries with our ground package. If you're travelling for the first time, we will advise you to join our group tour. Our experienced guide will take you around the best places your dream vacation has installed for you.

6. A pure and authentic experience for you

Whether you are going by groups or individually, our experienced travel guide will show you the very best the land has to offer throughout your journey. We design our itineraries to be Muslim-centred so it is stress-free for Muslims to travel with us!

Tripfez vs other travel agents

After creating groundbreaking steps in Muslim travel, we pride ourselves to be different from other travel agencies. Here are couple of reasons why we are unlike any other travel agency:

  • Your travelling experience is important to us - We understand your vacation is immensely precious. We will strive to make your time off as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. If we can successfully achieve this, it warms our heart when we read your feedback.
  • No hidden costs - Rest assured, all the prices that you are paying, Tripfez will NOT include hidden or extra charges. The price you see is the price you pay!

Tripfez vs self-booking

Self-booking can take a toll on some. Researching for cheap flights, accommodations, fun activities for your vacation takes A LOT of time. We want to save you the time (and quite frankly, money as well) when you are travelling. So here are a couple of ways on how Tripfez can help you as compared to self-booking:

  • Visa and travel insurance made easy - Preparation before travelling can be stressful. So to make your travels a much smoother experience, Tripfez will make it easier for you to apply for a visa as well as travel insurance
  • Join a group tour or customise your adventure - Tripfez gives you the freedom to choose. You can enjoy an all-inclusive tour around 14 different gorgeous countries, or create your own escapade with our customisable packages. Whichever you choose, we will help in every step of the way.

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