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Famous for its stunning natural beauty as well as its panoramic mountains, making it one of Asia's favourite destinations.

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Known as the world's forth most populous country and spread across a chain of thousands of islands between Asia and Australia, Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population. Venturing across Indonesia you will see a wonderfully dramatic landscape as vast as the sky and its wildly multi-limbed coastline embraces white-sand beaches and diving haunts. Thus, Bali has become beach goers' paradise and honeymooners' first choice to go to celebrate their love.

Indonesia offers many attractive beaches, wilderness and historic statues and temples. From having the delicious south Balinese food at restaurant in Bali to having the solemn feel as we look over to Borobudur's serene magnificence and back to ever so busy roads and shopping paradise in Jakarta and Bandung, there are so much we can discover and experience. Let's explore the magnificent Indonesia.

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