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What Is Muslim Travel

Muslim travel is a travel segment that caters for Muslims who are travelling abroad while being conscious of their Muslim responsibilities. With Tripfez, you are free to travel and explore the world without compromising your Muslim values.

But how can Tripfez help me achieve this?

We will have breaks for solah
Performing your fardhu prayers on a daily basis is the utmost importance for any Muslim (travelling or not travelling). We understand this. So with Tripfez, wherever your dream destination may be, we will have breaks in between for solah while you explore this vast and beautiful world. 

Easily find halal meals
Food is a common issue when it comes to Muslim travellers. Unless you are travelling to a Muslim majority country, finding food that is permissible on-the-go while trying to explore as much as possible can be time-consuming and not to mention energy draining.

For group packages, we include Halal meals on all our trips. Taste the best local delicacies that the land has to offer.

For ground packages, all included meals are halal. For some destinations we will recommend vegetarian or seafood options.

Muslim-centred itineraries
Throughout your journey, all the sites that you will visit and the activities that you will do, will be within the confines of Islamic teachings. Our itineraries across all of our packages are specially designed and catered for those who are looking to travel while keeping their Deen in-check. 

Tripfez gives Muslims freedom to roam the world hassle-free.

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