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More than just a romantic city

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More than two-thirds of the French spend their holidays in their own country and it's easy to see why – they know how-to live-in style. From its grand boulevards, sprawling gardens and magnifique café culture, Paris is a true gem. The city, the countryside, the foods and culture will make you want to stay longer than you should.




Fall in love with Eiffel Tower; the famous landmark in Paris that has its history that will leave you in awe. The top-level of this tower offers you the outlook of this city and picturesque view of Paris. A most popular spot for film shooting and magazine photoshoot that prefers extravagant view.

The glorious of French monarchy can be seen on the Palace of Versailles with the magnificent and glorious design that will bewitch the eyes that drop by here.

Head over to Alsace village where you’ll be mesmerized by its beautiful scenery and colourful half-timbered houses that decorated with charming floral decorations. Do not forget to snap load of photos of you walking on cobblestone streets in this village to put in your Instagram feed. When you’re not being wooed by the City of Love, flit away to France’s charming countryside, sparkling seaside towns or elegant châteaux for a unique experience fit for a royal.

For those art lovers, do not forget to drop by to Lourve Museum where you can find mesmerizing art such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, Venus de Milo sculpture, collection of various kings and other arts that will bewitch the visitors.

Feeling blue and want to run around in sunflowers field? Visit Field of Sunflowers in Provence where you can find olive groves, lavender fields, small farms and many more here. Perfect for Instagram feed posts and an inspiration for the painters that looking for quixotic art to work for.




It would be such a waste of time if you’re not trying any of French cuisine or meal when you landed here. Great for those who would like to try the traditional dishes or for those sweet-tooth cravers!

Foie Gras - a classic dish meal in France that was made by the liver of a goose or duck that were served on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. You can try out this unique delicacy at most of the restaurant in France.

Escargot - seemed like an exclusive name of a dish that will make you foodgasm, but did you know it was made from edible land snails that were cooked and served either hot or cold as appetizer or starter.

Classic French baguette – a long bread that can be broken into pieces eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Usually, the baguette will be served with butter and jam, cheese or dip in into mushroom soup or any kind of soup.

Quiche – a French tart that filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, seafood that baked in a flaky pie crust shell that made from the custard-like mixture.

Ratatouille – very healthy dish origins from France and became a famous movie which is a rat that has a passion for cooking, teaching a garbage boy on the right techniques to make ratatouille. This recipe was made of eggplant, yellow squashes, bell pepper, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and a few vegetables that you can add up on to it.

Fondant au Chocolat – a lovely French dessert or molten chocolate cake that is easy and quick for you who want a simple dessert after a meal. The inside of the cake will meltdown once you scoop it out for a bite. Tasty dark chocolate that will leave you speechless once you taste it in your tongue!

Macaron – a must dessert that you should try when you’re in France, a sweet-meringue that was made from sugar, egg white and almond whisk together till it is fluffy and bake in the oven. Later, the two pieces of the macaron will be combined with different fillings.

"Bon appétit mademoiselle!" 


If you are planning on to book a trip to the City of Love, make sure to take care of your belongings and beware of the pickpockets! For the Muslims, you can get a variety of France Tour packages that offers you Halal-certificate restaurants or Muslim-friendly hotels that care for your sensitivity apart from the tour around France.

Book your next trip to France with Tripfez. Find all-in tour packages with flights or ground arrangement packages. Travel with family or friends on your next holiday and also enjoy amazing halal food. So book your tour package online now!
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