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Central of Javanese arts and culture

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Although almost similar by name, Yogyakarta is 560km away from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. And if Jakarta is the fire that drives Indonesia forward, Yogyakarta is the soul that keeps the nation intact. A direct opposite in many ways. Yogyakarta (pronounced as 'Jogjakarta'  or 'Jogja', for short) is a laidback city with luscious greenery surrounding the area. Here, you can find the Javanese language and culture at its finest. Away from the franticism of Jakarta or Bali, Yogyakarta looks and feels distinctively Indonesia. Polite in speech and true to its cultural background. 

In Yogyakarta, you can visit some of Indonesia’s most important as well as magnificent archaeological sites – Borobudur and Prambanan. These temple complexes were built in the 8th and 9th centuries. Since the temples open at 6 a.m., it is advisable for you to reach there by dawn to avoid the crowd and take in the beauty as the sun rises. To avoid disrespecting any of their beliefs, dress moderately and loosely if you were to visit any of their holy sites. Beyond the city's spiritual sites, touring Yogyakarta's natural beauty is wonderful to explore the city. Trek your way up Kedung Kandang waterfalls as it splits a wide paddy field (Pro tip: Don't visit during the dry season as there is no water flowing) or take photos with a fantastic on twigs that are transformed into different sculptures with a fantastic background at Pinus Pengger. For adrenaline junkies, you can ride an old-fashioned gondola across crashing waves at Timang Beach. At night, walk through Yogyakarta's colourful nightlife at Malioboro street.

The best time to visit Yogyakarta would be during the dry season (unless you're there just to hike along the Kedung Kandang waterfalls). To avoid rain hampering your tour around Yogyakarta, April to October are the advisable months for you to visit here. Jogja also offers some mouthwatering cuisines. Look for Mie Ayam Bu Tumini, Gudeg Pawon and Rujak Es Krim Pak Nardi for desserts. Yogyakarta is safe for you to visit. But just like any country you would visit, take precautionary measures wherever you go. As the majority of the people in Yogyakarta is Muslim, dress moderately and try to wear batik to mingle around with the locals. A sure conversation starter! Yogyakarta is definitely worth visiting. A city of secrets and hidden gems await you. 

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