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Paradise for beach lovers and honeymooners

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The Maldives is a drop in the ocean. The Indian Ocean to be exact. You can find Maldives 914km south of Kerala India. Even locating Maldives on the map is difficult due is to its minuscule size. But whatever Maldives lack in size, they definitely made it up with beauty. And we DO mean heavenly (or as close to heaven on earth as you can get). In Maldives, there are more than a thousand achingly stunning islands (only 200 of which are inhabited). Maldives have attracted millions of visitors from all around the world to come and relax at this peaceful island retreat.


Once you arrive in Maldives, its easy to see why it's home to the most gorgeous beaches in the world. If you are a fan of idyllic beaches, pristine white sandy beaches, and azure blue ocean, Maldives is for you. 



Did we mention Maldives is also one of the most romantic travel destinations? Maldives epitomises the definition of a romantic getaway. This idyllic cluster of islands and atolls is a perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds looking for some leisure time together. Here are some of the romantic activities you can do while you’re in Maldives:


- Walk on a lonely sandbank amongst the thousands of islands here with the love of your life right next to you. 

- A candlelight dinner in an exclusive villa by the sea as you watch the sunset.

- Experience a relaxing massage while listening to the sound of the waves crashing.

- Lay down and watch millions of stars until the sun rises.

- You can walk on the stars beneath your feet at a bioluminescent beach at Vaadhoo Island.

-  Ride a Dhoni boat and go dolphin watching.

- Witness the underwater life at Meermu Island.



Although it may seem so, Maldives is not just expensive villas and exclusive retreats. It's easy to fall into the "high-end" trap. But with some smart spending and online research, Maldives won't cost an arm and a leg. Here's how you can travel Maldives without if you're on a tight budget: 


- You don’t have to stay inside exclusive villas and private islands. Maldives do offer cheaper resorts around the islands (do note the word ‘cheaper’). Prices can go as low as MVR780 (or RM210) per night 

- Ride public ferries. Ferries there will transfer you to most of the islands around Maldives. You can even go from Male to Maafushi island for just 56 Rufiyya (Or RM15). Make sure to plan ahead and check the ferry's timetable as there are certain days that they do not operate (no ferries on Friday)

- Always be on the lookout for some cheap flights. Flying using AirAsia can go as high as RM1000 (one-way-trip). But if you're lucky enough and plan ahead, you can get bargain prices on their website (even getting RM550 on a one-way-trip). Also be wary of their promo deals.




Bad weather and offset temperatures can ruin anybody's vacation. And when you're forking out some major cash to visit Maldives, you will want to minimise anything that stands in your way of a good time. 


Although the Maldives does enjoy all-year-round sunshine, the best time to go for the Maldives is between November and April. Avoid going to Maldives between May to October as monsoon runs around there, peaking around June. So please choose your dates wisely to enjoy more sun than clouds on your next trip to the Maldives. 



It's easy to expect Maldives is a typical beach retreat. But that is far from the truth. Maldives is a beach paradise like no other. Although it does not boast world-class entertainment, you can expect serenity in every corner here. From chilling by the beach to water sports, Maldives offers sea activities with a view to match. Here are some things you can do in Maldives:


- Maldives have diving spots that will blow your oxygen tank away.  A famous diving spot is at Vilamendhoo Island Resort (located at the South Ari Atoll).  Its only 25 minutes away from Male Airport (via seaplane). There you can also dive to watch manta rays and whale shark in an exclusive resort. 

- For some clean and gnarly waves, North Male Atoll is where you can get shoulder-to-head high waves. There you can find waves break close to shore. The Central Atolls too is famous for bringing in world-class breaks. 

- You can try your feet on paddleboarding. This increasingly popular activity is where you stand on a board and paddle your way through Maldives' azure blue waters and feel its warm waters. 

- You can go for dolphin watching in Maldives. The best spot to go dolphin watching is at Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll. Although there are only two resorts within the vicinity, Muli Channel is famous for its active dolphin activities. The most active time for dolphins to come out and say hello is between 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. in morning, and from 3.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. in the evening. 



Food in Maldives is fresh from the sea! Fish is the main core of any Maldivian traditional cuisine. From main dishes to evening snacks, Maldives will leave you full and happy throughout your visit there. Here are some of the dishes you should be on the lookout when visiting Maldives: 


- Mas Huni is a dish where shredded smoked tuna is mixed with onion, coconut, lemon and some chilli to add a little spice. Mas Huni is usually eaten with a flatbread (or known as Roshi)

- Boshi Mashuni is translated as Banana Flower Salad. Made from a shredded banana flower, Boshi Mashuni is a blend of salsa and salad. Fresh coconut, exotic spices and some Maldivian chilli on top of the banana flower. You can choose to out some lime to add some zest to the dish. 

- Garudhiya is a clear tuna fish broth that is usually eaten with rice

- You can also find delicious street food in Maldives.


Important Things To Note About Maldives

Currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

Capital – Malé

Languages Spoken – Dhivehi

Time Zone – GMT+5

Calling Code – +960

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When is the best time to go?

With its spectacular weather and breathtaking island scenery, the Maldives are an amazing destination bursting with tropical adventure. With warm temperatures year-round, the Maldives offer the most ideal weather from November to February. March to April is also a great time to visit, especially for surfers. Whereas May to October brings the wet season.

Which currency should I bring?

The local currency used in Maldives is called Rufiyaa or MVR. Usage of US Dollar is very common in Maldives. You do not need to exchange US Dollar to any other currency, you can pay by USD.

What is the common language spoken in Maldives?

Dhivehi is the national language of the country but English is widely used and understood. Shops and most establishments will have local script with English translations written.

What vaccinations are recommended for this adventure?

It's important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Maldives?

Tap water in Maldives is all treated rainwater and it's not advisable to drink it, not least as it has generally got an unpleasant taste. Nearly all resorts supply purified drinking water to their guests for free – some cheaper resorts make you pay for it, though.

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