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Customer's Testimonial Umrah with Tripfez

"I enjoyed performing Umrah with Tripfez due to its small number of jemaah. Moving as a group felt smoother and getting to know fellow group members was much easier. The experienced Mutawwif too made us feel safe during our Umrah journey with Tripfez."

—Illy Suhana & Illy Maznah

"From the first day to the final day, Tripfez has been top-notch! If I were to bring my whole family, I would bring them for Umrah with Tripfez. I felt doing Umrah was enjoyable because even when we suggested places to go and activities to do that is not written inside the itinerary, Tripfez will try to make it happen. Because the group is small in size, it was comfortable moving around together. We were like family."

—Noorrul Nizam Harun & Hasni Liana Hj Ahmad
First time with Tripfez

"Going for Umrah with Tripfez in a small group of fewer than 30 people made it much more flexible. The trip felt more relaxed and intimate. Going to different places was easier with fewer people in the group. It also made easier for us to ask questions and even having one-to-one questions with the Mutawwif."

—Illy Farehah bt Ahmad Ramudzan & Firdaus bin Idin

"Tripfez's organisation of the Umrah trip was professional and the Mutawwif was incredible. Alhamdulillah. The Umrah package with Tripfez was comfortable throughout. Even bringing children along, the trip felt easy and everything went smoothly. The accommodation in Makkah was comfortable. In Madinah, we did those little-little visits to some parts of it with stories being told by the Mutawwif that felt special."

—Suhaimi bin Tarmizi & Illy Maznah binti Ahmad Ramudzan

"If I were to go to Umrah again, I will most definitely go with Tripfez. Because to be honest, I felt the services that Tripfez offered was excellent. Even though it was my first time choosing Tripfez, I feel Tripfez is the best choice in every way. If the people are satisfied with the services you offer, they will always be wanting more."

—Muhamaad Syukri bin Roslee, Muhammad Fitry Hamizan bin Hamzah Pakir & Mohd Zulhilmi bin Abdul Rahman
First time with Tripfez

"From start to finish, Tripfez did a great job for the Umrah trip. Not just me, but also for the group as a whole. Simple yet effective. The itinerary was packed. But Tripfez organised it well and there are still some room for you to rest and also time for you to spend time at the mosque. I am also happy with the places that we visited. InsyaAllah we will go to Umrah with Tripfez again."

—Ahmad Ramudzan bin Muda & Zanabung bt Kaling
First time with Tripfez

"Tripfez's Umrah package is slightly more affordable compared to other packages out there. The flight was comfortable and the food we ate was more than enough. Alhamdulillah, everything was comfortable including the hotels. There are no problems at all bringing children along."

—Hamzah Pakir bin Hj Zakaria & Wan Khairunnisa binti Wan Ahmad Rafaii

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Tripfez Travel is a special license holder with a Muassasah status from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia.

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