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Добрий день /dobryj den’ is Hello in Ukrainian that used universally when you greet people. Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a place that is known for its historic churches, magnificent views of monuments, delicious foods and many more!




Do not kill your curiosity and let visit Ukraine this year and enjoy wonderful Ukraine bewitch your heart and soul!

Carpathian Mountains - a picturesque spot in Ukraine.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra - located in Kiev is one of the Orthodox Christian Monastery that has its esthetical values that will bewitch you.

Lviv – western architecture can be seen at Lviv as it is welcoming Old Town themed restaurants, shops, bars and many more that attracted countless tourists.

Saint Sophia's Cathedral - one of the world heritage sites that offers you an outstanding architectural monument that will leave you in awe when you drop by here.

Kharkiv – surrounded by picturesque park view that has The Mirror Streams UNESCO-protected heritages that looked lovely during night-time.

Odessa – hidden treasures in Ukraine which you can find magnificent palaces and buildings here

It would advantage for you if you can speak in Russia since the English language rarely spoken in Soviet Union states.




Let’s trigger your taste bud with Ukraine traditional foods while continue exploring the historical sites that amaze you here.

Borsch - made out from beetroot and other ingredients that will make the soup delicious serve with garlic doughnuts/fritters.

Varenyky - dumplings that filled with assorted yummy fillings inside.

Nalysnyky - a unique pancake that wrapped around cottage cheese and raisins or adds up jam and sugar for sweet taste.

Aspic – a unique jelly made from meat savoury or broth that thickens cooked and gelatinizes. It is usually served as a main course or cold snack during the winter festival or Easter.

Paska – basically bread that made of milk, butter, eggs, sugar, flour and bake during Easter Sunday festival.

Solyanka – a thick, sour and spicy soup that made from meat, cucumber, pickles, olives and several delicious ingredients that are commonly served in Russia and Soviet Union states.

Pirozhki – fluffy boat-shaped buns that are common comfort street food in Russia filled with a variety of fillings such as spicy meat or fresh fruits or jams deliciously eat while it still hots from the oven.

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Is it safe to drink tap water in Ukraine?

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