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All-In Vs Ground Packages

From company tours to a newly wed honeymoon package, there is no one-package-fits-all. So to ease your worries, we allow you to choose a package that would suit your needs. You have the flexibility with our Ground Arrangement Packages or join our All-In Tour Package where you can enjoy a hassle-free, all-inclusive holiday.

So what is the difference between Ground Arrangement Packages and All-In Tour Packages? Here, we'll explain the difference between the two packages, and suggest which package is the perfect one for you.

Ground Arrangement Packages

All our ground packages include airport pickup, hotels and sightseeing. Breakfast is always included, but other meals will depend on the package - however we will always recommend nearby halal places to eat.

Ground packages can range from free and easy packages (with more free time for you to explore), to a faster-paced experience (with more sightseeing and experiences included). The sightseeing will have a guide that will typically pick you up from the hotel - it may be just you (private tour) or with other international travellers (seat-in-coach). Either way, rest assured you'll have a good time exploring the world.

You'll get more flexibility with ground packages. Pick any date to travel and at least one travel companion (min. 2-to-go) and you're good to go.

Travel insurance and visas (if required) are always included in our packages. We can also customise packages for you!

Ground Arrangement Packages are right for you if:

  • You've booked your flight already and only need the plans for the destination
  • You don't have a fixed date in mind when travelling
  • You're travelling with a group of friends or family - that want the logistics of the trip handled so you can focus on having fun
  • You prefer less structured time and more freedom to explore
  • You want a customised experience that you can't find on our site - contact us

All-In Tour Packages

Join-in one of our group packages. As an all-inclusive package with return flights from Malaysia - we take care of everything from the airport all the way around the destination and back.

All our group packages include flights, tour leader, meals, visa, tipping - all the logistics are completely handled by us so you just have to turn up with your camera!

You'll meet the small group (max 30 people) at the airport in Malaysia. From there you'll be following our experienced tour leader for the whole trip. The tour leader will take you around the destination and their main job is to make sure you have fun! We go around the most important sights, take in the culture and engage in some unique activities like skiing or fruit picking. All meals are typically included.

Travel insurance, visas (if required) and tipping are always included in our packages, no hidden charges. Pay exactly what you see.

All-In Tour Packages are right for you if:

  • You want a hassle-free experience
  • You're travelling with small children or senior citizens. Let us take care of everything so you can focus on creating memories with your family
  • You can enjoy major savings while having the time of your life during your trip with our group tour package
  • You're a first time traveller to the destination and want to see the most important sights with ease

Whichever package that you feel that is right for you, we are more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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