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Jom Jalan bersama Tripfez (TV Al-Hijrah)

Missed out on our own TV SHOW on Al-Hijrah? Now you can rewatch 5 episodes of 'Jom Jalan Bersama Tripfez' that has captivated more than 1,000,000 viewers nationwide! Now you can watch 5 episodes of our show 'Jom Jalan Bersama Tripfez' on TV Alhijrah right here! Catch the adventure from Faeez and Abang Tripfez below.

TV Al-Hijrah | Jom Jalan Bersama Tripfez

Episode 8 - Indonesia

Episode 7 - Pantai Nglambor, Indonesia

Episode 6 - Merapi Lava Tour, Indonesia

Episode 5 - Jogja, Indonesia

Ep 4 - Gua Mua, Vietnam

Ep 3 - Gua Sung Sot, Vietnam

Ep 2 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ep 1 - Hanoi, Vietnam