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Kelantan is a perfect gateway for you to learn on the deeply grounded traditional Malay heritage as well as the devoutly Muslim community. This capital of the state of Kelantan is located at the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and many people would only visit Kota Bharu as a stopover to enter Thailand and the resort islands of neighbouring Terengganu: Perhentian and Redang. Simply using Kota Bharu as an entry and exit point, though, is a shame as there is plenty of things to enjoy in Kota Bharu and you will see a completely different side of the country.

Strolling along Kota Bahru includes sightseeing on some beautiful Islamic architecture in the form of graceful mosques and you can also enjoy traditional museums and a range of toothsome local dishes that are unique to the state of Kelantan. Here, you can't tell the difference between breakfast and lunch as they breakfast hard and heavy in Kota Bahru. The local favourite here is called Nasi Kerabu which includes blue rice and a number of delicious curries. You can find Nasi Kerabu anywhere around Malaysia. But it does not compare when you eat Nasi Kerabu at its birthplace. 

For some beach breeze, we woould recommend you to head to Irama Beach and Pantai Cahaya Bulan. But for a real picturesque locaiton, you can head to Pantai Senok. The trees at Pantai Senok is lined symmetrically with one another as it creates such a beautiful scene. You'll think that you're in Jeju even!  For a more historic feel, you can tour Istana Jahar which dates from 1887. As such this is one of the prettiest buildings in the city in its own right and it contains an amazing display of craft objects from the state of Kelantan such as batik pieces which are weaved in the traditional style. And once the sun has set, you can shop your hearts out at Wakaf Che Ye. 

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