Group Inclusive Tour

Join our handcrafted tours and best of all, they're ALL-IN. Flight + Hotel + Transport + Meals AND Personal travel insurance! No hidden fees. We prioritise Muslims' praying time and we travel in small group sizes! Let's travel together!

Accommodation negotiations and contracting

Soutcing hotel accommodation room and/or block preferred hotel rates including
Negotiating room block size rates
Negotiating hotel contracts
Negotiating all hotel arrangements and request
Providing a room list to the hotel for event VIPs

Flight arrangements

Arrange and negotiate all flights

Ground Arrangements

Arrange and negotiate all flights
Transportation provided from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport and all ground arrangements.
Shuttle service between hotels and sights including ziarah for Umrah

Muslim-friendly hotel booking

Be informed about your options with various degrees of Muslim-friendliness

Request for your room

  • Qibla direction
  • Praying mat
  • Alcohol-free mini bar

With booking, receive

  • Praying times
  • List of nearby restaurants
  • Halal city guide (coming soon)

Check if a hotel has

  • Qibla direction
  • Praying mat
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