Muslims Friendly Halal Hotels to Stay in Cambodia

Cambodia—officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia bordering Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and its population is 14 million. Cambodian tourism officials are urging businesses in Cambodia to accept Chinese Yuan to maintain good tourism relationships with China. Currently, there aren’t any halal hotels in Cambodia, but Muslims will find halal facilities including halal restaurants and few Mosques in Cambodia because around 2% population of Cambodia is the follower of Islam.

Cambodia hotels range from budget-friendly to boutique & luxury (5 star hotels in Cambodia) and are suited for both leisure and business trips. Tourists will find beach resorts in Cambodia and beach hotels in Cambodia in Sihanoukville (a small province in Cambodia) that is a very famous destination for families for spending a holiday in Cambodia. Muslim tourists will find good halal food in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (a province and major tourist spot in Cambodia).

Tourists have the option to stay in Cambodia resorts or hotels near Angkor Wat (a religious temple) in Cambodia if they plan to visit Siem Reap. Sokha Angkor Hotel or Sokha Hotel Cambodia is a luxury hotel situated in the heart of Siem Reap, hence it’s one of the recommended hotels in Cambodia. Cambodia accommodation options for tourists in Phnom Penh range from 2 to 5-star hotels. It is suggested to Muslim tourists to stay in a hotel in Cambodia that is located close to a Mosque and halal restaurants.

Must Try Restaurants in Cambodia for Halal Food

Muslim tourists will mainly discover Malaysian restaurants (serving halal Malaysian food), Indian restaurants (serving halal Indian food), and Cambodian restaurants (serving halal Khmer food) in Cambodia for eating halal food. Muslim tourists will find delicious halal food in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant (serves Indian and Pakistani cuisines), Wau Restaurant (serves delicious Malaysian food), and Halal Food Mukmina (serves Malaysian and Khmer foods) are restaurants recommended to Muslim tourists visiting Phnom Penh for delicious halal treats. Maharajah (serves delicious Indian food) and D’Halal Café (serves a variety of halal foods) are good halal restaurants in Siem Reap; therefore, Muslim tourists can visit there for eating top-quality food.

Mosques in Cambodia

There are only a few Mosques altogether in Cambodia and will only be discovered in few areas all around Cambodia. Muslims travelling to Cambodia must visit the beautiful Al-Serkal Mosque (built in Ottoman style) in Phnom Penh.

Nearest Airports and Hotels near Airports

There are three international airports in Cambodia including Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, and Sihanouk International Airport. Visitors can hire an Airport Taxi (costs you $9 to $ 15) or Three Wheel Vehicle (costs you minimum $7) from Phnom Penh International (Intl.) Airport for reaching a destination located not too far from the airport. Dara Airport Hotel (a 4-star hotel located within 3 drives from Phnom Penh Intl. Airport suiting every traveller) and You Eng Hotel (a 3-star hotel situated in front of Phnom Penh Intl. Airport) are nearby airport hotels in Cambodia Phnom Penh.

Tourists have the option to hire an Airport Van (costs around $10) or Airport Taxi (costs around $7) or Moto Taxi (costs around $2) at Siem Reap International Airport to reach the city. City Angkor Hotel (a 4-star hotel within 10 minutes drive from Siem Reap airport and away from the city centre from further 5 minutes drive) is a hotel recommended to tourists visiting Siem Reap. Visitors can take a Taxi (costs around $20) and Van (costs around $30) to reach a destination within Sihanoukville or a Bus (costs $6 per passenger) to reach Sihanoukville downtown from Sihanouk International Airport. Gold Lion Hotel (a 2-star hotel located closed to city’s top attractions) in Sihanouk offering excellent views of the seas and can be reached within a 15-minute drive from Sihanouk International Airport is a hotel suggested to both business and leisure tourists who are low on budget.

Places to Visit in Cambodia

Major tourist destinations in Cambodia are: (a) Phnom Penh, (b) Siem Reap, (c) Sihanouk, (d) Kep (city), and (e) Kratie (Cambodian province). Royal Palace of Cambodian, a home to Cambodian King and Queen in Phnom Penh and was built in 1866 always gets tourists’ attention in Cambodia because of its grandeur. National Museum (preserving sculptures made by ancient Khmer people), Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (describing Cambodian genocide), and Independence Monument (reminiscent of Cambodian Independence from France) are attractions that Muslim tourists must visit in Phnom Penh.

Angkor Wat (World’s 7th Wonder for its splendour and state of preservation), Angkor Thom (ancient remains of the last capital of Khmer Empire), Bayon Temple (a central temple of Angkor Thom), and Cambodian Cultural Village (where 13 unique villages portray different cultural patrimonies with 8 scenes of dance shows) are very popular tourist attractions in Siem Reap. Ream Beach (an ideal place for nature-loving tourists) in Ream National Park (preserving 155 birds’ species and offering boat trips on the river to tourists) is a great leisure attraction in Sihanouk.

Kep Beach (a 1km long famous seaside resort), Koh Ton Say Resort (a natural resort with two beaches suitable for swimming), and Phnom Sar Sear Resort (a natural and cultural resort) are popular leisure-friendly attractions in Kep. Phnom Sam Bok Resort (a cultural and historic resort) and Kampi Resort (providing shelter to the rare fresh water Irrawaddy Dolphins; swimming is enjoyed by visitors here) are main beach attractions in Kratie.

Zip-lining in Angkor Archaeological Park (Siem Reap), Biking in Siem Reap to discover places around Cambodia and Khmer culture plus shopping for souvenir at Tuol Tom Pong Market (Russian Market) in Phnom Penh are things that tourists should do in Cambodia.

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