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Request Praying mat, Qibla direction, Alcohol-free mini bar for your Muslim friendly room | halalbooking, halal hotel
Request for your room
  • Qibla direction
  • Praying mat
  • Alcohol-free mini bar
With booking, receive Local praying times, the List of nearby halal restaurants and Muslim-friendly city guide | halalbooking, halal hotel
With booking, receive
  • Praying times
  • List of nearby restaurants
  • Halal city guide (coming soon)
Is your hotel Muslim friendly and halal certified? | halalbooking, halal hotel
Check if a hotel has
  • Halal certified caterer
  • Separate pool (coming soon)

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Tripfez - Online hotel booking site for Muslim travellers

Tripfez sets a new standard to Muslim tourism. Instead of a traditional online booking site, Tripfez helps you to make mindful choices and book a great stay catered to your needs. Over 55 thousand hotels have been carefully reviewed and rated on their Muslim-friendliness.

Book online the top Muslim-friendly hotels in city destinations like Singapore, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong or New York. Leave the trip details to us! With your booking, you’ll receive the local prayer times for the duration of your stay, as well as a list of nearby Muslim-friendly and halal restaurants as a part of Tripfez’s local halal guides. In Tripfez, hotels are reviewed under Salam Standard, an independent halal certification for accommodation.
Our global team verifies whether the hotel provides a praying mat, qibla direction, an alcohol-free mini bar and Muslim-friendly leisure facilities like pool and spa areas.

Tripfez offers a marketplace that connects mindful Muslim travellers and Muslim-friendly hotels. For consumers, booking a right hotel can be done with just a few clicks of a button. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, you will always find the perfect accommodation, be it a budget hostel room or a luxurious suite. For hoteliers, this platform provides the opportunity to be seen by millions of Muslim travellers and easily reach out to those who are looking for a stay that suits their lifestyle.
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